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Meet the Avatars

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Deer Avatar

The Deer Avatar is often the first character you will meet at Presentville Shows and Events. She is a guide to balancing self-care and care for others and a general keeper of wisdom. She is knowledgeable about healing and medicine and is one of the most powerful avatars in the Presentville Game. Only the most committed Presentville Players have embarked on their own Deer Quest (a personal development process that helps one integrate the light and dark parts of oneself.

When lost, confused, or suffering; follow the deer!

Eagle Avatar
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At Global Peace Train, we have over 45 avatars that represent the causes and projects we support. Each avatar is a unique storyteller from Presentville and is designed to help you explore and learn complex social problems in an accessible way.

We invite you to explore the avatars and find one that resonates with you. If you feel that connection, join us in our live Presentville shows by donating an Avatar's costume and becoming the Avatar!

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- The Deer Quest -

The Deer Quest personal development process helps players uncover the unique gifts they were born to share with the world.

The Deer will help you learn how to care for yourself anytime you feel emotional or downright bad and provide an opportunity for you to help others who may be struggling. 

Want to begin your own Deer Quest? Fill out our online application:

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