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Explore our Virtual Reality Technology

Welcome to Presentville!

Presentville is a world of stories that highlight the importance of compassion for all beings and our planet. Step into Presentville to meet and interact with the Avatars, board the Global Peace Train, and discover opportunities to tackle the most urgent world issues. 

How to experience Presentville

Presentville can be experienced in a variety of formats. During our one-of-a-kind in-person events, participants meet the avatars in costume, avatar, or holographic forms and unravel riddles that are unique to each show. Presentville also exists in augmented and virtual reality experiences where you can step inside the digital stories and meet the avatars. And for our biggest fans, Presentville is a personal development process where you actually become the avatars in order to accomplish different real-world quests.

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Step into Presentville at our live events, interact in person with the avatars, experience our extended reality technology and discover opportunities to make an impact on the world.

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Experience Presentville in Virtual Reality on your desktop, mobile device, or through your personal VR headset during one of our live shows. Coming soon to your home headset.

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The Intent


Through the combination of live events and extended reality (XR) technology, Global Peace Train brings you on a spiritual ride where you can take a deeper look at yourself and your impact in the world.

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Your Experience

Presentville is an immersive experience where you can explore the impact of your actions and deliver aid to those who need it most...all while riding the Global Peace Train.

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Enter Presentville to Board the Train!

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