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Join us for a fun and empowering ride

Our mission is to create global change through the power of art, action and technology. Attend one of our events, volunteer your time, or offer financial support. You can also help support our cause by making a commitment to personal development, educating yourself on global issues, building empathy or growing your compassion for all beings. Together we can make a difference.

Meet Us

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Golden, Colorado 

Personalized Mountain Escape

One or more of our Avatars will guide you or your group on a one-of-a-kind experience that becomes more elaborate the more you donate. Special instructions to set the date and exact location will be sent upon receipt of your donation through the button below.

Bartholomew: Baby Steps to Your Dreams

Online Experience

Ongoing - 30 minutes a week for 8 weeks

Join a small group of other Bartholomew's for a 30-minute accountability session each week. Clarify your goals and make real-world progress towards your wildest dreams. Participants are invited to dress as Bartholomew during our sessions and explore fun techniques to tap into their innate creativity. Suggested donation: $500/8 weeks.

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Image by Marlowe Weingart

Hedgehog Application

Online Experience

Ongoing - By Appointment

Hedgehogs are Global Peace Train's biggest fans, Top Presentville Players, and those willing to help accomplish real-world projects with personal resources like time and financial support. Apply now for an interview to see if you're ready for the Hedgehog club!


You will meet with one of our Hedgehog leaders to discuss your dreams and goals for making the world a better place and how Global Peace Train can provide a container, community, and resources for your efforts.

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