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Meet the Avatars

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Eagle Avatar

The Eagle Avatar carries the stories of indigenous cultures in danger of dying out and gives their stories wings. Represented in the Global Peace Train logo, this avatar is all-seeing and promotes the sacred vision of persevering indigenous wisdom before it is lost.

Organizations and Communities I have connected with:

Eagle Avatar

Visit my page to learn more about me.

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At Global Peace Train, we have over 45 avatars that represent the causes and projects we support. Each avatar is a unique storyteller from Presentville and is designed to help you explore and learn complex social problems in an accessible way.

We invite you to explore the avatars and find one that resonates with you. If you feel that connection, join us in our live Presentville shows by donating an Avatar's costume and becoming the Avatar!


Tribal Traditions of the Lakota Sioux is a brand created by Global Peace Train in collaboration with the Lakota on Pine Ridge Reservation. Every project we do on one of the Lakota Reservations connects under this brand.

Native American traditions and knowledge are being lost forever. Join us in helping keep this valuable resource alive. Tribal Traditions is working every day to provide the needed resources and education to make this happen.

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