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About Us

Global Peace Train is a nonprofit organization that specializes in using storytelling and Extended Reality (XR) technology to provide creative and immersive solutions to urgent social problems. We leverage storytelling to understand and unlock the empathy that leads to taking localized real world action. 

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History of the Organization

Global Peace Train was established in 2009 and is rooted in research that explores how different cultures play and use storytelling for social change. Through the use of Extended Reality (XR) technology, we have helped tell the stories of 14 different communities in 9 countries. We believe that by sharing these important stories we can help inspire creativity and action towards problems like homelessness, cultural genocide, women’s empowerment, education, and beyond.

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Communities We Serve

At Global Peace Train we strive to serve communities in need, no matter the cause. We have helped women in the slums of Kenya, the Lakota of Pine Ridge Reservation, survivors of abuse, the homeless population, youth transitioning out of gangs, those suffering from mental illness, abused animals, and more. There are communities all over the world that need help, which is why we couldn’t just choose one. 


The vision of Global Peace Train was born from bearing witness to injustice and longing to bring relief to the tremendous suffering so many beings face in our world today. Global Peace Train is not just an organization, it is also a vehicle where we share stories that awaken compassion while delivering solutions that can be implemented by individuals and communities anywhere in the world. The train will not rest until all beings are free from suffering.

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How We Work

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Connecting with Communities

We connect and partner with underserved communities to understand their suffering and the injustice they face. 

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Finding Solutions

We find solutions that can bring relief to these communities and the pain they expreince.

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Hosting Events

We create live events to raise awareness, empathy, support, and funding for these communities.


Delivering to the Communities

We deliver solutions to the communities for which we have raised awareness and funding.

Home: Services

In the News


Lakota prophesies have come true, there is only one left... Dave Swallow shares what's coming with the Imagine channel.

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Global Peace Train founder joins the Podcast Farm to discuss Global Peace Train, Presentville, and extended reality technology.

Team/Most Influencial Contributors

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Dave Swallow

Lakota Medicine Man- working with Global Peace Train on "Ghost Dance" film currently in production.

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Lead UX Designer for virtual reality experience and traditional web designer.

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Chris Bates

Advisory Board

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Isak Hanold

Director of Photography for various media projects.

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Daniel Adams

Board Member and contributor to the Bear Avatars.

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Lead UX Designer for virtual reality expereince.

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Technology Advisor and Developer.

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One of the Top Presentville Players and contributor to over a dozen Avatars.

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Justine Park

One of the Top Presentville Players and contributor to multiple avatars.

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Adam Kuhn

Board of Directors and contributor to several Avatars.

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Lead Design Researcher and Advisor

Aja Duniven founded Global Peace Train to help transform the world through the power of play. Since 2009, Aja has helped communities all over the world by using storytelling and technology to inspire creativity and action towards global problems. Aja is known for her innovative and down-to-earth approach and through her dedication to creating a world free from injustice.

"I’ve witnessed injustice that has broken my heart again and again.

I could not bring myself to choose only one cause to support in my lifetime. The Global Peace Train is a vehicle to share stories to awaken compassion while simultaneously delivering solutions that can be implemented by individuals and communities anywhere in the world."  - Aja


In Loving Memory

GPT helped Leah Okeyo start the PACHO organization in Kenya in 2010. We helped Leah brand the organization, file necessary paperwork, fund projects, and deliver resources and education to women across Kenya. In partnership, GPT and PACHO helped dozens of women start small businesses with microloans and business education, we delivered food to families in need and brought joy to children across Kenya through immersive art experiences.


Leah passed away in July 2021. She was a joyous leader and fought for equality and prosperity for women in her community and beyond. May her vision live on through Global Peace Train and the continued work of PACHO.

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