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Join us for a fun and empowering ride

Our mission is to create global change through the power of art, action and technology. Attend one of our events, volunteer your time, or offer financial support. You can also help support our cause by making a commitment to personal development, educating yourself on global issues, building empathy or growing your compassion for all beings. Together we can make a difference.

Take a fun "ride" with us

Hundreds of volunteers have helped us bring important stories to life and to deliver aid to those in need. We offer a variety of opportunities for individuals to get involved. Contribute to the story of a current avatar, help create a new avatar, attend a live event, join a service trip, become a direct supporter of a family in need, complete Presentville Quests, or become a leader for others seeking to follow in your footsteps. Interested in volunteering? Fill out our Volunteer Form to get started!


Become an Avatar

Each of our avatars has a story to tell and is a representation of that part of a player’s persona or character. Becoming an avatar is an impactful and transformational experience where you can help tell that story. Step into the shoes of Sammy Bear, the Weeping Woman, the Eagle, or any avatar that personally speaks to you.

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Volunteer at a Show

Global Peace Train hosts regular events where you can learn more about our organization and the causes we support. Our events are hands-on immersive experiences that use art and technology to help tell the stories of those in need.

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Complete a Quest

Presentville is the digital world where our stories come to life. Presentville quests are personal quest that challenge your perception of the world and help you explore ways in which you can help.

Think you could help in another way? Fill out our Volunteer Form and let us know!

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