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Aircrete Teepee Prototype Update

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The first aircrete teepee prototype above was completed in 2019! The full-sized home build is on hold until the completion of the Ghost Dance Project which became our main priority during the pandemic.


2019: Sammy Bear sighting at Aircrete teepee prototype site in California!

Notes from the project from Aja: I'm working tirelessly with two other volunteers in excruciating heat to complete the Aircrete Teepee Prototype in California this week. You can see the first Sammy Bear sighting in this video when we worked into the night putting up the inner walls that will hold the aircrete.

We have 7 more days before I head back to Colorado and we've run out of budget. We still need to buy the finishing touches: caulking, mud, paint, windows, and a door. This is the final stretch before the plans for the large home begin so we want to get as far as we can this week!

Whatever we are able to raise this week will take us to the end of this prototype. We are aiming to raise the final $800 for the final touches. After I return to Colorado, I plan to put together a short video about the process and begin the plans for the full-sized home. Which I will be excited to share when they are ready.

If you want to help us reach the finish line of this project head over to our last fundraiser for this prototype before we begin planning the full-sized home:

Thank you all for your ongoing support of this project! This wouldn't be possible without all of you!

Photo; Unpainted aircrete teepee prototype with a fresh coat of stucco left to dry.

UPDATE 2020: We completed the initial 15 ft prototype in 2019. The full-sized building was put on hold during COVID and we plan to pick it back up after the production of the Ghost Dance short film.

Project Avatars: At Global Peace Train, each of our projects is represented by one or more avatars that are linked to a specific cause. The avatars are a key part of our storytelling and help make the causes we support more accessible and easier to understand. This project is represented by the Eagle and Sammy Bear Avatar.

The Eagle Avatar carries the stories of indigenous cultures in danger of dying out and gives their stories wings. Represented in the Global Peace Train logo, this avatar is all-seeing and promotes the sacred vision of preserving indigenous wisdom before it is lost. We are extremely excited to work with Dave Swallow to bring Lakota wisdom and sustainable building together.

Sammy Bear likes to call himself "homefree".

He is a nomad that travels the world exploring how to solve the housing crisis. He remodels spaces, builds new homes with eco-friendly materials, creates affordable housing models, and works towards solutions to help the homeless.

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